Why Lawyers Should Practice Law with Respect for Human Rights

Lawyers play a very critical part in their clients lives, and especially when it comes to respecting human rights. This means that they should be the first ones to practice human rights. The unfortunate thing is that many lawyers resort to unscrupulous ways of getting things done. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the reasons why lawyers should practice law with respect for human rights.

Why Lawyers Should Practice Law with Respect for Human Rights
Why Lawyers Should Practice Law with Respect for Human Rights

Risk management

Companies can run into serious risks if they don’t manage their human rights risks. These could even get them into legal risks. Some of the risks that the companies could face include:

  • Failure to meet the oversight and monitoring responsibilities for human rights risks
  • Failure to honor human rights commitments in policies, codes of conduct or contractual obligations
  • Not being able to respond the right way to changing judicial interpretations of the appropriate standard of care for managing human rights risks
  • They face the need to act on potential enactment of more stringent legislation due to severe human rights violations in a sector or country


The management of human rights risks is important to companies, and they expect their lawyers to advise them on their management of legal risks.

Changing law

The law is ever changing in respect to human rights as was seen in a recent legislation that requires reporting on human rights risks in the UK, EU and US, and criminal and civil lawsuits filed against companies worldwide. This has also been seen in non-governmental organizations, meaning that the Guiding Principles for their advocacy in and out of the courtroom are followed.

Compliance and national law

Lawyers are major players when it comes to helping companies to comply with national law. They can advise the potential tensions between national law and human rights.

Prevention of human rights harm

Lawyers have the ability to help companies prevent or mitigate human rights problems. These could include how companies select contracts, or terminate or renew contracts with third parties.

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