Why wasn’t it 101 Kittens?

Talking of animal flicks, I hope many people do wonder on a question that had had me thinking until now.

Well why was it 101 Dalmatians and not 101 Kittens? Funny isn’t it?

This particular question could have been pondered upon by many a movie fanatics and flick reviewers. The internal debate but wouldn’t have surfaced into a real heated one on the forefront out of the head in the real world.

Well to tell the truth cats can make good pets. They are owner loving and very much possessive about their owners. As www.kittycoaching.com says, cats can be really jealous of their owners’ pampers even for their friends.

101 cats?

Kittens could have offered a wonderful replacement option for the 101 Dalmatians that the evil anti-heroine wanted to bake up in a large oven and ended up getting baked herself. Kittens in the story could have portrayed a much needed emotional attachment to the owners. They could have helped the two protagonists of the story keep their house in a much cleaner and orderly manner. Cats are also much more revengeful when it comes to getting between its babies. With their soft paws and stealth moving, Cats could have raised the anti-heroine’s manor to dust with their sharp and well maintained claws.

A cat generally maintains itself in every way possible to bring out its beauty onto the forefront. They can be more frequently seen beautifying themselves than any other animal. Pedicure, Manicure, skin care, fur improvement, etc. they know it all. If you are thinking on similar lines as well and have a soft corner for cats lets appeal together in here. If you want to see lovely kittens instead of the drooling puppies, then we are talking moreover on similar lines.

Imagine the purrs and meows at the end of the movie. Cute little kittens are obviously better than the drooling puppies. Cats could have been a cleaner option for the movie. I think Walt Disney should take our advices and go for a remake of the wonderful timeless classic in a cleaner way. The kitten way.

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