Why You Need a Blender for the Next Big Movie Marathon

There are few things as fun as a big movie marathon.  A movie marathon is the perfect opportunity to get close to a new boyfriend or girlfriend or to catch up to old friends during winter.  It is also the perfect way to recharge from your tiring work because you get to chill out and relax in front of the television.  Snacks play a big part in a movie marathon.  After all, what is a movie without a few tasty treats?  If you want to thrill your guests with something other than popcorn during the next big movie marathon then it is time to invest in a blender.

Stay skinny while you snack

Blenders are terrific for a great many things but the biggest benefit of making blender snacks is the fact that you and your guests can snack and be healthy at the same time simply by making health meals.  With the blender you can also create terrific meals in a cup which is great for when you simply cannot take your eyes off the TV screen.

Why You Need a Blender for the Next Big Movie Marathon

Find the best blender

If you are going to shop for a blender then you should definitely give the Vitamix 5200 a try.  This terrific blender is super easy to use and has a nice and sleek design that takes up little space in your kitchen and is easy to clean.  The latest models are up to 40% quieter than previous models so you won’t be disturbing your friends while prepping health snacks during the movie and the Vitamix allows you to make meals in much less time.

Make these yummy movie treats

You will be amazed at the things you can do with a blender.  The functionality of these appliances definitely does not end at snack making since you can use the blender for even baking.  Here are the snacks that you can make that are perfect for a movie marathon;

Soups – A nice and warm soup is the perfect snack for enjoying a chilly horror during an icy evening. With a blender you can create the finest and yummiest soups in as little as five minutes.

Dips – Bring out the flavor and fun in health snacks and veggies by adding a terrific dip such as guacamole, cheese or chocolate dips.

Smoothies – Smoothies are great for hot summer nights and will keep your guests vitalized when they are enjoying an extremely long movie marathon such as the Start Trek collection.

Sorbets – You can create delicious sorbets from the comfort of your home.

Mousses – A yummy mouse is just what you need to nourish your guests when they are crying over a tearful drama and with a blender you can create just about any mouse as you like.

Pancakes – Your movie marathon is likely to extend to the early hours of the next morning.  You can use your blender to treat your guests to a yummy pancake breakfast or other baked goods by mixing the ingredients in the blender.

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